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About Us

Health Clever’s Story: Are You What You Eat?

From as early as he can remember our founder was often troubled by his own mortality, this inevitably lead him down the path in search for answers to living a longer, healthier & happier life. Add to this his caring nature and the natural desire to want to help others Health Clever Nutrition was born.

Here’s our story

Health Clever was created by Mark Harvey who has been interested in nutrition and what makes us tick most of his adult life. He made a discovery several years’ back which completely changed how he thinks and to this day the vast majority of people still know nothing about.

In his quest to live to ripe old age and without pain and suffering he uncovered an underlying cause which has direct links to common conditions often referred to as age related diseases. Conditions that most just resign themselves to and accept as part of growing older, conditions such as Heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, depression, weight gain to name a few.

Once he realized what the vast majority are still yet to uncover he had a vision for the future. That vision was to spread the word, not only make people aware of what’s potentially simmering inside them but offer a natural solution to help them fight against the fire burning within.

That threat which goes virtually undetected until later years is called INFLAMMATION!

Underlying inflammation in our bodies which goes unchecked will ultimately lead to more serious Chronic Inflammation the number one cause of deadly Chronic Disease.

Armed with this information he set about searching for a natural anti-inflammatory to help restore the balance of Pro-inflammatory compounds caused by the typical western diet, stress, and pollution.

He soon uncovered Mother Nature provides us with 2 very powerful natural anti-inflammatory substances, Omega-3 Fish Oil and Turmeric (Curcumin). Omega-3 and Turmeric are part of a select group of health supplements that are actually backed by real science and numerous clinical studies which prove they to offer some pretty amazing health benefits.

The problem he faced, it was very difficult to find a health supplement company who provided a product at the right dose which was proven to work in the numerous clinical case studies carried out. Oh, and at an affordable price!

He came to the realization, if he was really going to make a difference Health Clever's products not only have to be at the right dose but they must also be affordable to allow sustainability. As supplements are a consumable item they need to be at the right price so the cost is never a consideration for the consumer.

The Supplement revolution

The global supplement market is not stopping, it is growing at a staggering pace, year on year more and more savvy consumer are searching for natural healthy alternatives to prescription drugs, and sales are predicted to hit $33 billion dollars by 2019.

Our Vision..

"Educate, Formulate, and Rejuvenate without Compromise"

Once Health Clever was born our vision was to really make a difference, not just pump low grade products in to the market that don’t work but genuinely help people live a healthier life.

Before we introduce any new supplement to our product line it must first satisfy our stringent multi point criteria.

1.    Will it make a difference?
2.    Is it backed by real science and clinical studies proven to work?
3.    Can we formulate at the right dose?
4.    Can we make it affordable?
5.    Can we improve on the product?

Once we are satisfied that all of the above requirement are met, then and only then will we move forward and look to manufacture.  

Please read our case study on the Turmeric selection process.

Case Study –

Turmeric with its active ingredient Curcumin medicinal healing powers have been well known in India for thousands of years, they knew back what science has recently discovered. Turmeric (Curcumin) is very strong anti-inflammatory

What science also uncovered is Turmeric is not very Bio-available, simply put; it’s not easily absorbed by humans, therefore taking on its own its absorption is very low.

Regardless it still has great medicinal properties but the vast majority is simply wasted. Because of this we set out to see how we can make our Turmeric more Bio-available, more easily absorbed.

Our finding were nothing short of Amazing, we discovered that by adding a simple ingredient called Piperine to our blend the Bio-availability increased 20 fold, yes by adding Piperine (an ingredient found in Black Pepper) we found a 200% increase in abortion.

Turmeric (Curcumin) is already well known for its medicinal effect on health but by increasing its absorption by 20 times you can imagine the effects are significantly increased.

This is a simple example of the thought process behind our product selection and manufacturing process. Custom formulations with active added ingredients clinically proved to deliver a dose that actually works”